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banner timesheets and invoicing | driver agency | agency driversWe acknowledge our responsibility for prompt payment of drivers’ wages and statutory PAYE and for accurate invoicing.

Our system is a simple three step procedure as follows:
1. a) Our drivers are supplied with timesheets on which they will record their hours each day.
b) The timesheet should be countersigned by you at the end of the assignment or of the week, signifying your agreement to the hours claimed and thereby authorising an invoice to be raised reflecting those hours.
c) The timesheets are returned to us by the driver for processing on Monday morning following the week worked thumb-agency-drivers-timesheets

2. Timesheets are analysed and processed through payroll by Tuesday morning with payments being made directly into each driver’s bank.

3. Finally, an invoice is raised reflecting the hours advised and agreed on in the timesheet and sent to you by first class post.

Our invoices largely represent money already paid out to drivers for your work, as advised on the timesheets, and we expect our accounts to be cleared promptly by the due date, as we in turn do with our own suppliers.

One timesheet.. One invoice.. One week.

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